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All New Ford E Transit 02 1 Ford has plugged in the Transit

Ford has plugged in the Transit...


All New Ford E Transit 02 1 Ford has plugged in the Transit

 Ford has a heavy history in commercial vehicles and it is no coincidence that it describes itself as "the world leader in the van market". With the Transit as the 'king' of the category, counting 55 years on the market, the company with the blue oval, which has been building commercial vans since 1905, couldn't stay behind the developments and in shaping the future. In this context, the new E-Transit van has made its debut. 

This is the all-electric version of Ford's sustainable commercial vehicle, which the company describes as "a smart and tireless vehicle that will increase the productivity of professionals".
and their businesses by offering an all-electric drive system and a fully electric
advanced solutions in the logistics sector, combined with unique
services and options".


  "Ford is the No.1 company in the commercial vehicle market in B. America and Europe. Therefore
the transition of the vehicle fleet to a zero-emission regime, in particular for
the fast-growing distribution category until the last leg of the
(last-mile), is critical in order to achieve our goal of
carbon neutral by 2050," explained Ford's chairman and CEO, 
Jim Farley. "Ford is ready to lead the movement that began with the award-winning
Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid and the EcoBlue Hybrid. It's good for the planet and a huge benefit for customers,
thanks to lower operating costs and new connected technologies
that will help businesses grow."


  The new E-Transit is supported by Ford's network of over 1,800 Commercial Vehicle dealers
around the world, including the extensive European network of 1000
Transit Centres. E-Transit also benefits from Ford's partnerships with hundreds of vehicle converters around the world, which
who provide compatible racks, tanks and accessories for diesel Transit vehicles.


  And while most newcomers
in the van sector continue to build prototypes, develop protocols and develop
and face difficult conditions during their use, the ecosystem and the
of Ford commercial vehicles is being expanded to now include electric vehicle monitoring software
vehicle and connected fleet solutions, for seamless integration into
daily activities.


  "We focus our attention
in software and digital services to help corporate clients and their customers
fleets to further development and more efficient operation of the businesses
them," Farley explained.


  Ford - the leading commercial vehicle company in Europe and North America. America - manufactures
the Transit for 55 years, but also commercial vehicles since 1905.
E-Transit vehicles destined for Europe will be built in the factory
Ford Otosan Kocaeli in Turkey, on a special production line next to the
Award-winning Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid. For B. America, the E-Transit will be assembled at the Kansas City plant in Claycomo, Missouri.



Aiming for a green future

All New Ford E Transit 01 Ford has plugged in the Transit

  Although the demand for
delivery vehicles is growing, cities around the world - from the London until the Los Angeles - are committed to creating zero-emission zones, to reducing
the levels of gases responsible for global warming and to
reduce noise pollution.


  "Most construction
companies, emergency vehicle services and public service providers
prefer Ford commercial vehicles and vans to those of any other manufacturer - and we are committed to helping them
customers to make the transition to zero-emission technologies," said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford's chief product platform operations officer. "E-Transit is a rich, connected data platform that
will help corporate fleet customers achieve greater productivity.
The value for professional clients increases over time, as
more and more connected vehicles are being added to the network."  


  The ETransit, which is expected in the stores of EEuropean traders Ford from the beginning of 2022, is a
part of the company's global investment in electrification, amounting to more than
$11.5 billion by 2022. The new, all-electric
Mustang MachE will arrive in Europe from early next year, while the fully
F-150 will 
released in North America around mid-2022.


  In Europe, the Ford testing technologies in its electrified commercial vehicles since
2018, in cooperation with official bodies in England, Germany, Spain and
Turkey, to investigate how drivers use vehicles
Transit Custom PlugIn Hybrid at London, Cologne, Valencia and Ankara.
The company has incorporated its findings - including habits
use and charging of the vehicle - in the evolution of the
ETransit and its services.



Autonomy and charging solutions that are customised
for professionals

All New Ford E Transit 05 Ford has plugged in the Transit

  With usable battery capacity
67 kWh, the new E-Transit offers an estimated range of up to 350 km on the WLTP mixed cycle, which is sufficient for everyday requirements.
regardless of variations in vehicle load and weather conditions.


  This makes it
E-Transit ideal for use in an urban environment, predefined routes
and deliveries of goods within geographically defined zero tolerance zones
pollutants, without the owners of corporate fleets having to pay for batteries
with more capacity that they don't need.


  The drive modes of the new E-Transit are tailored to the
electric drive system. According to data collected by Ford, the Eco Mode programme aims to improve the use of electricity
to 8-10% in case the E-Transit is driven unladen with brisk acceleration or at high speeds
speeds on the motorway. Eco Mode limits the top speed of the vehicle, controls the acceleration of the car, and
and optimises the performance of the air conditioning system with the aim of
maximising the available autonomy.


  The vehicle also supports
the Scheduled Pre-Conditioning function, which allows the air conditioning system to be programmed in order to
to set the desired temperature in the cabin while the vehicle is being charged,
so as not to affect the maximum available autonomy.


  E-Transit not only contributes to the sustainable operation of companies, but
offers clear business advantages. E-Transit can reduce the cost of ownership from service costs
up to 40% compared to models equipped with internal combustion engines
combustion, as a result of lower maintenance costs.


  In Europe, customers will
benefit from the best-in-class one-year service program, with unlimited
mileage coverage offered along with an 8-year/160,000 km warranty package for the battery and high-voltage electrical systems.


  "Having undertaken a clear mission
to make its customers' businesses more robust and productive, Ford has become the leading brand in the commercial vehicle category.
vehicles in Europe," said Hans Schep, general manager commercial vehicles, Ford Europe. "Electrification offers new ways to be able to
customers to manage their businesses and fleets more efficiently
efficiently. With E-Transit, this is achieved through 55 years of experience in Transit models, a network of experienced dealers and converters, and an ecosystem of digital tools to help turn the potential of electrification into a business reality - all this plus the benefits of zero-emission transport."  


  Η Ford will also offer a variety of charging solutions for the needs of fleets and drivers, whether they are at home and at work or on the road. The E-Transit offers alternating current (AC) charging and fast charging with direct current (DC). The vehicle's built-in 11.3 kW charger can provide a full battery charge in 8.2 hours.
With the help of a 115 kW DC fast charger, the new E-Transit can charge the battery from 15% to 80% of its capacity in around 34 minutes. 



Increased power and connectivity  on the move

All New Ford E Transit 08 1 Ford has plugged in the Transit

  E-Transit has the optional Pro Power Onboard, which allows European customers to transform their vehicle
a mobile power source providing up to 2,3 kW of power to operate tools and equipment in both
construction sites, as well as on the move - a pioneering application in the
category of light commercial vehicles in Europe.


  The standard FordPass Connect modem offers seamless connectivity so
so that customers of commercial vehicles can manage and
optimize the efficiency of their fleet with a range of specialized
services for electric vehicles, available through Ford Telematics.


  The new E-Transit also brings Ford's SYNC 4 communication and entertainment system to its commercial vehicles, with a standard
easy-to-use 12" touch screen combined with improved voice recognition and optionally
navigation system with upgraded features via the cloud. With the over-the-air (OTA) updates, the new E-Transit's SYNC software and technology will benefit from the latest new features, including
and improvements in quality.


  On the road, with the system
navigation enabled, fleet managers will benefit from advanced navigation features and
driver assistance technologies, such as Traffic Sign Recognition  and Intelligent Speed Assist, which combine to recognise speed limits on the road -
which allows their administrators to assign vehicles a specific
maximum speed of movement.


  In addition, E-Transit features a range of technologies designed to
help corporate clients reduce their insurance costs. Between
of these technologies are Pre-Collision Assist, Blind Spot Information System  with Lane Change Warning & Aid and a 360-degree camera with Reverse Brake Assist. Along with Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control,7 these elements help to maintain safety standards
of the fleet, reducing the risk of accidents.



Capacity equivalent to the conventional Transit 

All New Ford E Transit 13 2 Ford has plugged in the Transit

  E-Transit has been designed without compromising the ability to
transporting loads, which is why its battery is placed under the body
providing loading space with a volume of up to 15.1 m3, a price identical to that of a diesel car
Transit with rear-wheel drive.


  Ford engineers have redesigned the new E-Transit's transmission and rear suspension to optimise space
loading, creating a heavy-duty layout with semi-rigid arms that offers greater
precision in vehicle turning and better traction, regardless of
if the vehicle is empty or loaded. 


  The E-Transit that will be available in Europe will ensure a useful
load of 1,616 kg in the van version and up to 1,967 kg in the chassis cab versions. The electric motor delivers a maximum output of 198 kW (269 PS) and 430 Nm of torque - the most powerful of any all-electric cargo van sold in Europe. The transmission to the
rear wheels ensures excellent traction when the vehicle is very


  Ford will offer in Europe 25 different versions of the new
E-Transit, with van, double-cab-in-van and chassis cab bodywork, multiple roof length and height options, as well as various gross weights
(GVM) up to 4,25 tonnes, to cover
numerous needs.


  Following its successful partnerships with cities involving the Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid, Ford will be conducting extensive testing of the new E-Transit in
corporate fleets in key European markets, starting in 2021.