Driving DS4 1.2 PT 130 PS Eat 8: A sense of flight  

Το γαλλικό premium μικρομεσαίο hatchback δίνει νέο αέρα στην κατηγορία

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Citroën's admittedly risky step to launch the DS as a distinctive Premium Brand that emphasizes refinement, luxury and comfort, is delivering more than expected. Based on the legendary 1952 DS, better known as the "Frog", the "Goddess", as its acronym means in French, adheres to the values of the past while looking to the future with optimism. Weekly symbiosis with the 1.2-litre petrol DS with an output of 130bhp was enjoyable. 

With German philosophy 

Obviously, in order to compete in the demanding premium market, DS needed a quality mid-size hatchback to put up against German favourites Audì A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A Class. That difficult role was given to the DS4. The first generation was introduced in March 2010 as the Citroën DS4. With the then PSA's partnership with BMW it used PSA's PF2 Platform and engine sets borrowed from the BMW Group as part of the collaboration. The model underwent an extensive facelift in 2015, changing the name simply to DS4. It remained in production until 2021, when it was replaced by the current second generation of the car. The complete Germanization of the French mid-size car is a fact, as the DS4 is built in Rüsselsheim of Germany together with the new Opel Astra on the Stellantis EMP2 platform. 

Modern and dynamic 

The French brand's designers gave the DS4 a sleek and dynamic wedge shape, with sharp angles and edges that make it easily recognisable, and named it the most beautiful production car for 2022.

Looking at the car from the front, the subtle headlamps with moving lamps with DS Matrix LED Vision technology consisting of 98 LED bulbs that frame the three-dimensional grille with small diamond-shaped patterns, all of which combined with the muscular long bonnet give an imposing image! 

The profile exudes intense dynamism with muscular surfaces, distinct edges and nerves, capturing an attractive silhouette. The most interesting point is the door handles are integrated into the bodywork and emerge when unlocked, improving the car's aerodynamic performance! 

At the rear, the sloping roof with its beautiful spoiler gives it a Coupé aesthetic, while the trapezoidal small window on the fifth door gives it a strong dynamism. The image is completed by the sharp edges, the muscular bumper and the slim Led graphic headlamps joined together by a thin black strip.    

Overall the modern silhouette resembles a sitting frog, starting from the front and ending with the shoulders of the back wings as the legs of a frog and the closure of the back as the B tail of a frog. A clever move to link the DS4 to the past and specifically to the 1952 DS "frog" nickname. 

Elegant and quality cabin 

Opening the door, the DS4 takes you on a journey through time with a retro interior reminiscent of the primordial 1952 Citroën DS with a focus on modern luxury, showcasing timeless French refinement!

Looking at the dashboard itself, a sense of nostalgia is created, as the simple lines capture a modern and digitised version of the lines of the classic 1950s DS. A 10" touchscreen multimedia system with Android Auto and Apple AirPlay compatibility is built in. The choice of materials is excellent with good aesthetics and finish. The materials are soft and the upholstery is reminiscent of velvet. Their assembly is at a much better level than expected, pleasantly surprising. 

Behind the steering wheel, the 7-inch trapezoidal digital dashboard that provides all the information required is a real eye-catcher, while the 5-inch Smart Touch on the centre console between the two front seats is a pleasant gadget, the use of which is to operate the multimedia system without the driver being distracted from the road, an element that testifies to the high level of usability. Ergonomically, however, it needs familiarisation, because of the positions in which the switches are positioned. 

When it comes to practicality, the DS4 has been very well distributed in terms of interior space with compartments and clever solutions. 

The bucket seats offer exemplary passenger body support, providing top comfort in the car's welcoming and pleasant interior. 

The luggage volume is 430 lt and with the seats fully folded and combined with the low loading threshold, it will carry everything! 

Basic... but efficient 

Under the bonnet is the familiar 1.2-litre petrol engine of the Stellantis PureTech family, producing 130 hp and 230 Nm of torque, mated to the eight-speed EAT8 gearbox. Although this is the base powertrain of the model, it perfectly matches its premium character, giving it the performance and nerve to satisfy even the most demanding potential buyer. 


All of the above characteristics suggest that this is a very interesting car to drive, which we will enjoy in every possible condition to draw safe conclusions.

In the city the DS4 drives like a typical mid-size hatchback. Its dimensions allow it to be as versatile as the user needs in everyday life without sacrificing space. Visibility, however, is limited by the long bonnet and body corners! 

On the provincial and mountain network the DS4 makes its mark and offers a unique driving experience, leaving a great impression! Focused on comfort, DS engineers have curated the suspension to absorb even the most pronounced bumps in the road, without the slightest discomfort to passengers. At the same time, it is exemplarily balanced, so that the car has excellent grip even on sharply uphill bends, without body calls. The 130 hp and 230 Nm of torque engine suits it perfectly, without leaving a feeling of lack of power. At the same time, the EAT8 automatic transmission achieves timely gear changes in dead time.   

On the motorway in addition to all the above impressions, we can mention the excellent work done on soundproofing and rolling quality, characteristics that are not affected even at very high speeds. 

General the DS4 offers a unique driving experience, creating the sensation of flying. The suspension mode will leave you with an unprecedented experience. The average combined fuel consumption of the test reached 7.4 litres per 100 km, a satisfactory value for the character of the car, given the absence of a hybrid system!  

The Premium alternative 

DS is not just focused on becoming the French Premium brand, but on putting its stamp on unique cars of unparalleled quality. The DS4, unlike any other car in its class, invests in style and innovation, with a clear focus on comfort. The French mid-size premium model, even in its basic version that we had available to us, is therefore aimed at young people and family drivers who want to differ from the ordinary with a distinct alternative and quality style that exudes refinement and promotes elegance as a key feature. 


DS offers the basic DS4 with the petrol engine of 1.2 litre and 130 hp from 35.800€ including VAT, in order to remain competitive, given that it is priced towards the lower end of the Premium SME category. In the top trim level of our test, Performance Line, the DS4 is priced from 38.900 € including VAT! 

Technical characteristics 

Press Hatchback 
Seats 5
Doors 5
Average combined fuel consumption (WLTP) 5.9-6.1 l/100 km
CO2 emissions (WLTP) 135-139 g/km
Fuel type Petrol
Maximum speed 210 km/h
Exhaust Gas Specifications Euro 6.3
Weight/power ratio 10.4 kg/Hp, 96.2 Hp/tonne
Weight/torque ratio 5.9 kg/Nm, 170.1 Nm/tonne
Power 130 Hp @ 5500 rpm.
Power per litre of displacement 108.4 Hp/l
Rated motor torque 230 Nm @ 1750 rpm
Engine layout Forward, transverse
Engine model/code HNS EB2ADTS
Engine casing 1199 cm3
Number of cylinders 3
Engine configuration in a row
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Fuel injection system Multi-point spraying
Engine suction Turbocharger , Intercooler
Engine oil capacity 3.5 l
Weight 1352-1353 kg
Minimum volume of luggage space 430 l
Fuel tank capacity 52 l
Permissible towing capacity with brakes (12%) 1400 kilos
Length 4400 mm
Width 1866 mm
Height 1490 mm
Wheelbase 2675 mm
Front track 1600 mm
Back trace 1605 mm
Forward prop 925 mm
Back prop 800 mm
Distance from the ground 189 mm
Minimum turning diameter (turning diameter) 10.82 m
Movement Movement on the front wheels
Gearbox 8 speeds, automatic transmission
Front suspension Independent, McPherson type with coil spring and torsion bar
Rear suspension Semi-independent suspension with springs
Front brakes ventilated trays , 304×28 mm
Rear brakes disc, 268×12 mm
Auxiliary systems ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
Type of address Management chukrania (with teeth)
Steering system  Electric Steering Wheel
Wheels  215/65 R17 99V or 205/55 R19 97V or 245/40 R20 99V

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In the demanding premium midsize hatchback segment, DS is making a strong bid to take the lead. The DS4 has been given the necessary care to penetrate the commercial establishment of the category... and it looks like it's succeeding! Starting with the sleek bodywork with an aesthetic unlike any other car, we move on to the elegant and quality interior. However, the real surprise is its driving behaviour, with a flying car feel, thanks to the exemplary suspension! 
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