Mercedes Benz A200 Test drive

We drive Mercedes-Benz A200 MHEV 48 Volt 163 Hp: Rebel with a cause (Video) 

The renewed fourth generation of the Mercedes-Benz midsize car, "invests" in strong dynamism

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Η Mercedes - Benz refreshes its midsize premium best seller, raises the bar in the category and throws down the gauntlet to the competition. A first glimpse of the new A Class we got with the established weekly symbiosis with the A 200 with 163 horses and we bring you the impressions! 

From all-rounder... Hot Hatchback 

The long history of the A Class goes back to 1997, when Mercedes - Benz launched its first mid-size model. Contrary to the dictates of the market which pointed to hatchbacks as the logical commercial choice, the German company dared to bring a controversial body of a volume that shattered the establishment by creating its own audience! The second generation of the model was introduced in 2004 and followed the same formula as a design continuation, except that there was now a three-door version. In 2012 the third generation of the model was introduced, which abandoned the single volume body, adopting the sporty lines of the Hatchback. In 2018, the fourth and final generation was introduced, as a design evolution of the previous model and adopting the advanced technological solutions of the larger Mercedes - Benz, based on the Mercedes-Benz MFA platform II. The German company went for a subtle facelift in 2021, providing the required technological updates! 

Focused on sporty aesthetics 

The designers of Mercedes - Benz faced the challenge to deliver a functional, efficient and beautiful design in the new A Class, interwoven with the Family Look of the "Three Star Star" in compact dimensions! 

In particular, the front end stands out with its low-set nose and long bonnet with two strong ribs along the length. The trapezoidal slim headlamps incorporate the adaptive Multibeam LED headlamps and frame the new grille with a three-pointed star motif across its entire surface and incorporates the redesigned bumper, exuding a strong dynamism! 

The profile captures a modern wedge-shaped sporty silhouette with clean curved lines and muscular surfaces. The long wheelbase combined with the 19-inch wheels makes the car look bigger and more aggressive! 

The back is the most interesting part. The roof ends in a beautiful spoiler, while the sloping rear window gives a coupé aesthetic, ending in a smooth curve, highlighting racing origins. The beautifully pointed headlamps, as a design evolution from their Mercedes history, extend into the interior of the fifth door. The picture is completed by the sporty bumper with the double nickel-plated exhaust tips at the ends and the beautiful aerodynamic diffuser at the central lower part! 

In particular, the test car had the AMG sports package with 19-inch wheels, lowered bodywork, spoilers and more massive bumpers, improving the aesthetics and making it look extremely aggressive!     

The simplicity of luxury in the digital age  

As a genuine child of Mercedes-Benz, the A200 is particularly attentive to the interior, focusing on comfort, technology, assembly and quality of materials!  

The cabin designers opted for simple and unpretentious lines, without being tiring and challenging, creating a beautiful, welcoming and luxurious interior. Everything revolves around the advanced digital system that supports MBUX voice commands. It consists of two consecutive 10.25 screens each, as a continuation of each other with a light call to the driver. The left one, behind the beautiful sporty steering wheel, incorporates the digital instrument panel and provides the necessary driving information. The central one houses the multimedia system, compatible with Android Auto and Apple AirPlay. 

With top quality assembly, Mercedes - Benz used high quality materials with a good touch feel with an excellent finish. The German company achieved a striking visual effect, highlighting a driver-centric interior. It features three round air vents below the center screen and two on the edges of the dashboard, which provide it with the necessary sporty element. All switches are absent from the centre console, with the gear selector being placed on the steering wheel switches. A functional and ergonomic solution, given that it makes driving easier, while the absence of unnecessary buttons enhances the beauty of the cabin and the sense of luxury. At night, the sophisticated Ambient lighting creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere!

All of the above has a positive effect on the ergonomics and functionality of the Mercedes-Benz A200, as the driver has full control of the vehicle without taking his eyes off the road! 

The AMG-designed bucket seats provide the ultimate in front passenger body support and ideal comfort for all passengers!

The luggage volume is 355 litres, which reaches 1,195 litres with the rear seats fully folded! 


More liveliness from low revs 

Under the bonnet, the Mercedes - Benz A200 houses an efficient 1,332cc twin-turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with 163 bhp and 270 Nm of torque at 2,000-3,500 rpm, which now features a mild 48 Volt hybrid system with a starter-converter, which adds up to 14 PS in acceleration from low revs. Paired with a 7-speed G-DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission! 

Challenges for driving to the extremes

Starting with the dynamic exterior, continuing with the impressive interior and considering the performance of the turbocharged petrol engine, the Mercedes-Benz A200 is very promising to drive! From theory, we move on to practice and get to know the Mercedes mid-size car in a variety of real-life conditions! 

In the city is nervous and agile thanks to its compact dimensions and powerful petrol engine! The test car in particular caught the eyes of passers-by thanks to the AMG package! The long bonnet combined with the low driving position limits visibility in the narrow urban streets. All in all though, this is a friendly car for everyday use! 

In the mountain and rural network reveals her mission as an ambassador of sport driving. The good setup is heralded by the long 2,729mm wheelbase that brings the wheels to the edges of the front and rear headlamps. As a result, the engineers have achieved very good car weighting, which translates into impeccable handling. The stiff-feeling independent suspension is challenging to drive on the edges, while the steering works like a diabetic. In fact, in conjunction with the driving position, the driver feels the car as a continuation of himself, and sitting low, he becomes one with the road, raising adrenaline and driving pleasure. However, its strong point is the efficient petrol engine. Linear with high torque, it provides the power needed for dynamic climbs even in steep corners. It is equally exciting on descents, thanks to the powerful ventilated disc brakes!  

On the motorway the high standards of Mercedes - Benz in terms of rolling quality and sound insulation, even at very high speeds. The car feels very good on the road, while remaining extremely comfortable for the passengers! 

General has three driving modes - Eco, Normal and Sport - depending on the driver's mood. The car is pleasant and totally driver-centric, favouring dynamic driving in total safety. Fuel consumption ranged from 7.2 litres per 100 kilometres in Eco mode and in economy driving, to 8.6 litres per 100 kilometres in Sport mode in mountainous terrain. The average driver will achieve consumption of around 8.0 litres / 100 kilometres! Finally, the engine noise sounds beautifully in the driver's ears, putting the finishing touch to a remarkable driving experience! 

Sport and luxury for everyday use 

The Mercedes - Benz A200 is a Premium Hot Hatchback for those for whom dynamic driving is an absolute must and who want a fully driver-centric and exciting car, for those who want a complete sports luxury car and friendly for everyday use. It will be particularly appreciated by young drivers who want a car with an aggressive design, oriented towards the timeless racing spirit of Mercedes-Benz! 

Analogous to the character of the 

The price of 39.900€ that starts the basic Mercedes A200, can be seen to be proportional to the exciting nature of thewith the price increasing depending on the choice of optional equipment and version! 

Technical characteristics 

Press Hatchback 
Seats 5
Doors 5
Average combined fuel consumption (WLTP) 5.8-6.4 l/100 km
CO2 emissions (WLTP) 133-145 g/km
Fuel type Petrol
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h 8.2 sec
Maximum speed 225 km/h
Exhaust Gas Specifications Euro 6d-ISC-FCM
Weight/power ratio 8.4 kg/Hp, 119.4 Hp/tonne
Weight/torque ratio 5.1 kg/Nm, 197.8 Nm/tonne
Power 163 Hp @ 5500 rpm.
Power per litre of displacement 122.4 Hp/l
Rated motor torque 270 Nm @ 2000-3500 rpm
Engine layout Forward, transverse
Engine model/code M 282
Engine casing 1332 cm3
Number of cylinders 4
Engine configuration In series
Cylinder diameter 72.2 mm
Vaccine route 81.4 mm
Degree of compression 11.8
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Fuel injection system Direct spraying
Engine suction Turbocharger , Intercooler
Power 14 Hp
Torque 150 Nm
Electric motor position Forward, transverse
Battery  48 volts 
Weight 1365 kg
Maximum payload 555 kg
Minimum volume of luggage space 355 l
Maximum volume of luggage space 1195 l
Fuel tank capacity 43 l
Maximum load 75 kg
Permissible towing capacity with brakes (12%) 1600 kg
Length 4428 mm
Width 1796 mm
Height 1423 mm
Wheelbase 2729 mm
Front track 1567 mm
Back trace 1558 mm
Forward prop 923 mm
Back prop 776 mm
Minimum turning diameter (turning diameter) 11 m
Movement On the front wheels
Number of ratios and type of gearbox 7 speeds, G-DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission 
Front suspension Independent, McPherson type with coil spring and torsion bar
Rear suspension Spiral spring, twist
Front brakes Ventilated trays
Rear brakes Discs
Auxiliary systems ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
Type of address Management chukrania (with teeth)
Management System  Electric Steering Wheel
Wheels 205/60 R16 or 205/55 R17 or 225/45 R18 or 225/40 R19 (AMG Pack)

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Mercedes Benz A200 Test drive
The A Class is one of the most complete mid-size models in the premium market. Mercedes - Benz improves it in spots, updates its technological background and adds mild hybrid tech. It invests in seductive exterior looks, driver-centric character. It focuses on driving pleasure. The A200 is a rebel in the Mercedes - Benz range with a cause to awaken its sporty genes!  
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