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2NZ9884 DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!

DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!

2NZ9884 DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!


Zero emission performance becomes a reality, with the

high-performance hybrid E-TENSE engine of 300 hp, where it travels up to 60 km with zero emissions! Oh, and it parks itself, autonomously without the use of the pedals by the driver.

"The new X74 marks a new era for DS Automobiles. This all-new SUV embodies the vision of innovation, top-quality materials and French expertise, combined with distinctive equipment that takes performance and driving comfort to new heights." Yves Bonnefont, CEO of DS Automobiles.

"X74 is addressed to the audience that loves innovation, new trends, modern and at the same time sporty lifestyle. A new driving experience that excites the senses. We have created a car that will leave an indelible imprint on the current era." Eric Apode, Vice President of Product & Business Development DS Automobiles.

2NZ9970 DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!

A charismatic car

Dynamic, luxurious and full of inspiration. The lines of the front end of the new DS 7 CROSSBACK reveal its distinctive, powerful personality, while the sharp edges of the grille express elegant design contrasts, lending a blend of prestige, class and powerful performance. The rear face offers a clear and representative image of the elegance and premium materials used.

2NZ9921 DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!

Perfectly recognisable, day and night, from every angle

The DS brand has always emphasised the elegant and totally distinctive character that is a key feature of the brand's identity. The LED lights are "jewels" that adorn the model with the DS ACTIVE LED VISION headlamps that emit a distinctive light. The visual effect is totally unusual.

DS2BInspiration2BOPERA2BAlezan DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!

Two large screens for intuitive interface 

The "Avant-Garde" element is perfectly expressed in the car's interior, with two 12-inch screens in the cabin. In particular, the first high-resolution screen is a novelty in the fiercely competitive world of SUVs: it works with the navigation system and with multimedia interface management, the entire offering of DS CONNECT and the Mirror Screen function. The second screen is perfectly adapted to the digital dashboard, in front of the driver. The two screens strongly underline the high level of expertise that also characterises the interior of the DS 7 CROSSBACK, in conjunction with their distinctive design and delicate finish. DS designers have created a uniquely personalised experience that unleashes the character of the car and bears the DS logo. The touch functions on the central display express modern design style and simplicity in use. 

1NZ7855 DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!

Excellence and French Expertise

"Each DS reflects the owners' desire for excellence and combines a unique range of expertise that serves the individual expectations of each client. DS' talented designers, skilled engineers and interior materials specialists have brought their knowledge and valuable experience to bear by taking a meticulous approach to creating the new model, using top quality materials." Thierry Metroz, DS Design Director.

With absolute attention to detail

As an iconic vehicle, the DS 7 CROSSBACK expresses the design lines that stem from the DS genes in the brand's later models. Distinctive but representative, the strap design features on Nappa leather seats bear "pearl" stitching, as do the dashboard and door trim. The DS 7 CROSSBACK features one of the most attractive finishing technologies used in high-end watchmaking. The lines form a pearl as a pattern, a tactic used by haute couture, bringing out the best possible effect. The alternating chrome-finished switches on the centre console give an air of ''Clous de Paris'' to the premium model.

1NZ7760 DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!

Cutting-edge technology for greater performance and driving comfort

"Cutting-edge technology includes a 300bhp plug-in hybrid petrol transmission with 4WD, a new generation 8-speed Efficient Automatic Transmission (EAT8), DS NIGHT VISION and DS Road Suspension with Road Scanning: Our engineers have integrated the DS 7 CROSSBACK with the best possible enhancements for excellent performance and ultimate safety." Eric Apode, DS Vice President of Product and Business Development. 

When zero-emission performance becomes a reality

High-performance hybrid E-TENSE engine with 300 hp and a range of 37 miles (60 km) with zero emissions

"Every DS model will be available in a high-performance hybrid version. And DS will be the first PSA Group brand to launch a PHEV petrol engine," said Eric Apode at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. This ambition has become a reality with the 300bhp, 4WD plug-in hybrid petrol powertrain, which will be available in the DS 7 CROSSBACK from spring 2019.

"For the DS brand, hybrids are not just about performance and efficiency. They are also designed to optimise passenger cabin space, as well as starting ability," added Eric Apode.

2NZ9900 DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!

Six engines

Alongside the E-Tense hybrid, the all-new DS 7 CROSSBACK will be available with a range of five powerful high-performance engines, with high-torque, EU 6.2-compliant internal combustion engines. The impressive engines will premiere with a new-generation 8-speed high-performance automatic transmission (EAT8): Three petrol engines (THP 225 S&S EAT8, THP 180 S&S EAT8, PureTech 130 S with 6-speed manual transmission EAT6) and two diesel engines (BlueHDi 130 S&S with a choice of 6-speed manual transmission EAT6 or EAT8 and with BlueHDi 180 EAT8).

8-speed Efficient Automatic Transmission (EAT8) is a first for the DS 7 Crossback SUV

EAT8 is much more than an 8-speed automatic transmission. It contributes to the autonomous driving mode of the UND 7 Crossback.

In short, it provides:

- 4% fuel economy compared to the previous 6-speed automatic transmission, due to a new control strategy, Start & Stop function activated at speeds of up to 2mph (3kph) providing a weight saving of around 2kg

- Enhanced driving pleasure through quieter operation, smoother shifting and 8 speeds

- Access to the Traction Control System (ATC)

2NZ9863 DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!

DS PARK PILOT: Easy Parking

The DS 7 Crossback takes a strong step forward in the field of autonomous driving: it is equipped with an innovative driver assistance system called DS Park Pilot. With this new technology, the car can park itself, or reverse parallel to the edge of the kerb, without manual use of the steering wheel or pedal.

What's more, DS Park Pilot can identify a car parking space that matches the size of the DS 7 Crossback simply by driving at speeds of up to 18 m/hr (30kph). Press the button and the magic begins!

DS SAFETY: Alert at all times

Poor visibility and carelessness can be synonymous with danger. DS SAFETY consists of 6 important functions that make the road safer. Driving an X74 ensures peace of mind and the confidence that at all times, as drivers and passengers are protected by the best technologies.

DS NIGHT VISION: When the night falls

The DS NIGHT VISION system offers excellent visibility during night driving. The infrared camera instantly detects pedestrians, animals or other objects that are not visible at a distance of up to 100 metres. The digital dashboard shows the driver the area around the car, indicating in yellow the surrounding areas that signify potential danger. The line turns red depending on the criticality of the danger, warning the driver to react.

DS2BInspiration2BFAUBOURG DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!


Lack of attention and drowsiness are the main causes of motorway accidents. The DS 7 CROSSBACK technology detects any reduction in driver alertness. Using an infrared camera above the steering wheel, the DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING SYSTEM constantly focuses on the eyes for signs of fatigue and signs of distraction. Another monitoring point is the correct lane position of the car in the lane.

DS ACTIVE LED VISION: The Power of Visibility

In addition to enjoying full visibility on the road, DS ACTIVE LED VISION adapts to the width and width of the road, the prevailing conditions and the speed of the vehicle. There are five lighting modes: Parking, Town Beam, Country Beam, Motorway Beam and Adverse Weather. Dynamic Bending Light and High Beam night lights complete the full range of lighting for the car.

2NZ9884 DS 7 CROSSBACK : 300 hp hybrid four-wheel drive SUV!

The DS 7 CROSSBACK is the new SUV created and designed in Paris by DS Automobiles. It is manufactured at the Mulhouse facility in France and at the Shenzhen plant in China. The brand's new flagship, the DS 7 CROSSBACK possesses a dynamic character combined with the refined and muscular DS design. The car's technological innovations and its innovative design offer an unprecedented level of comfort, calm and dynamism that expresses classic "French artistry". The detailed finish embodies the excellence of DS Automobiles' expertise.

Spaciousness in the Interior

Through interior dimensions and a study conducted by expert engineers, the DS 7 CROSSBACK takes comfort and spaciousness to new levels for the driver and passengers. The stability of comfort, particularly in the rear seats, makes it competitive with even the most prestigious sedans.

With attention to detail

The emphasis on detail is equally visible in the formal design language used in the cabin. The buttons, display, touch controls, frameless interior mirror and DS brand aesthetic demonstrate the attention to detail at every point.


Body length: 4.57m

Height: 1.62m

Width: 1.89m