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XAVL 000low The seven-seater SsangYong XAV-L will also have a central airbag!

The seven-seater SsangYong XAV-L will also have a central airbag!

XAVL 000low The seven-seater SsangYong XAV-L will also have a central airbag!

An SUV with seven separate seats, combining masculine design with elements from the Korando and the practicality of an MPV, as the times dictate with the competition being the seven-seater Skoda Kodiaq and the Hyundai Santa Fe.

The airbag between driver & passenger is the novelty, but it doesn't stop there as it will also have an airbag for pedestrians

SsangYong is presenting the XAV-L concept car at the Geneva International Motor Show, named after the initials of the words eXciting Authentic Vehicle Long SUV. 

The new prototype is based on the "Robust, Specialty, Premium" design philosophy and is a tough, masculine, authentic SUV that aims to develop an emotional bond with its occupants and marks yet another strategic model in the evolution of the Korean brand.  

The XAV-L is an upgraded implementation of the original XAV-Adventure model presented at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, combining convenience and usability with user-friendly technologies. 

With 7 separate passenger seats and a spacious interior, the XAV-L comes to play a different role in the mid-size SUV segment, combining off-road capabilities with the versatility and usability of an MPV. 

In contrast to the rugged exterior, the interior has an image of comfort and warmth, framed by a contemporary aesthetic enhanced by the hidden lighting. At the same time, the car's intelligent communication systems allow passengers to communicate freely with each other, with the car and even with the home.

XAVL 006low The seven-seater SsangYong XAV-L will also have a central airbag!


The XAV-L prototype is a mid-size SUV, which, in design, is based on the classic 2nd generation Korando from the 1990s. It is a prototype that will find its way into production very soon. 

The design of the XAV-L incorporates the concept of "Dynamic Motion" which draws inspiration from the power of nature, as well as SsangYong's design philosophy embodied in the phrase "Nature-born 3Motion". SsangYong's design language called "Robust Aesthetics" is expressed in the dynamic and exuberant lines of the XAV-L to create a powerful and masculine SUV.

XAVL 007low The seven-seater SsangYong XAV-L will have a central airbag!

External design 

The XAV-L's authentic SUV aesthetic exudes power and dynamism, while harmoniously blended with elements that exude sensitivity and attention to detail.  

The dynamic lines and raised volumes of the rear bumper create a robust aesthetic effect, while the slim grille that extends to the surrounding lights completes SsangYong's distinctive image that is in line with the aesthetics of the company's recent concept cars. 

In contrast to the delicate front bonnet and the simple grille, the lower part of the front bumper takes the aesthetic to the next level with a challenging and hard-edged motif, while at the same time black colour inserts that creep into the sides of the front and rear bumpers are reminiscent of the classic Korando, but also contribute to the uniqueness of the XAV-L.

XAVL 008low The seven-seater SsangYong XAV-L will also have a central airbag!

The LED side lights at the edges of the body create a rhythmic flow along the length of the model, and particularly accentuate the shoulders, enhancing the overall character of the build. 

The front and rear fog lights are a modern take on the classic Korando's side indicators, where they were also a feature of the model. 

The rear lights are symmetrically positioned and integrated within a black element to achieve a simple but compact pattern. In contrast, the rear bumper with its bold, hard-edged design and the black carbon fibre roof offer another element that completes the authentic SUV look.

XAVL Int 03low The seven-seater SsangYong XAV-L will also have a central airbag!

Interior design

In contrast to the XAV-L's masculine, tough exterior design, the interior exudes sensitivity and robustness. A long centerline runs across the dashboard reaching all the way to the doors, managing to create a sense of spaciousness and modern design. The combination of atmospheric lighting and graduated design on the dashboard and doors creates an expressive atmosphere and completes the aesthetics of the model, as shaped by the characteristic exterior lighting fixtures. 

The three rows of seats are arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration. The 5 seats that define the 2nd and 3rd row of seats all fold and move to maximise the use of interior space, while accommodating the movement of passengers and luggage inside to meet the requirements of both the SUV and MPV buyer.

XAVL Int 02low The seven-seater SsangYong XAV-L will also have a central airbag!

Even the choice of interior colours has been made to highlight luxury and elegance, mutating the DNA of the original XAV. Dark brown is used almost throughout the interior, while fabrics with SsangYong's signature Geonic pattern accentuate the overall attention to detail. 

Finally, the use of carbon fibre reinforces the exuberant image of the design, as it is applied to dashboards and doors. 


The XAV-L offers a choice of 2 engines, 1.5 litre petrol and 1.6 litre diesel, both Euro 6 compliant, with the option of a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission and two-wheel drive. 


To make the driver's life easier and safer, the XAV-L is equipped with a package of modern safety systems. These include, among others, the systems that now also equip the Tivoli & XLV, such as the Autonomous Braking System (AEBS), High Beam Automatic Headlamp Activation (HBA) and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS). 

In addition, the XAV-L has a Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Lane Change Assist (LCA) system, both of which help the driver to detect in time if there is an obstacle coming from behind that is not visible from the side mirror (blind spot), so that he or she can change lanes safely. There is also a Rear Cross Traffic Alert System (RCTA), which reduces the risk of a rear or side impact. 

As safety is SsangYong's top priority, the XAV-L is equipped with an external airbag that offers increased protection for pedestrians. 

Also, a very important innovation is the centrally located airbag between the driver and the front passenger. 

An element that takes the safety offered by the driver's knee airbag, which is also on the safety equipment list of the prototype, one step further. 

Other technologies that distinguish the XAV-L include the Intelligent Parking Assist System, which detects available parking space using radar and automatically controls the steering wheel so the driver only has to set the gearbox and brake. 

Of course, the XAV-L prototype offers a fully networked environment for driver and passengers. There's a 10.25-inch touchscreen for easy use of the infotainment system, while the wi-fi hotspot allows 2nd & 3rd row passengers to use their smart devices via a simple internet connection. At the same time, the functions of the navigation, air conditioning & infotainment systems can be checked via a smartphone app, while the Link to Home IOT (Internet of Things) technology enables passengers to communicate with their home and remotely operate home equipment such as security cameras, alarm or air conditioning.