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78279 Honda of the UK Manufacturing Honda never breaks down, says survey

Honda never breaks down, says research

honda engine Τα Honda δεν χαλάνε ποτέ, λέει έρευνα

In the aftermath of's revelation about the new S2000 (see here our report) Honda it turns out, in an investigation, as the most reliable car manufacturer.

"Honda, all qualified," said an old slogan that Ms.was shaken in Greece and apparently still holds true today, since the survey conducted by the Consumers & Users' Organisation (OCU), with the participation of more than 30,000 European drivers on the reliability of 178 different models, revealed that customers consider Honda to be the most reliable car brand.

The survey shows... the Japanese's dominance of thenews of European drivers, as it highlights Honda and Toyota as the most reliable brands. In the next positions, at more reliable car manufacturers morego to Dacia and Mazda. On the other hand, Smart, Land Rover and Alfa Romeo are the brands that are, according to the same survey, most likely to suffer a breakdown.

The highest score was won by the, unranked in our country in terms of sales, Honda Jazz 1.4, followed by the Toyota Prius 1.8 M and the 1.1 Renault Clio. On the flip side, the Ford Focus 1.6 D scored the worst score. According to everything the survey found, one in three drivers experienced a car breakdown during the year with 16% of them experiencing it while driving.

Honda2BJazz Τα Honda δεν χαλάνε ποτέ, λέει έρευνα

Among the failure types, the most popular with a rate of 19% was the car's electrical system such as lights, fuses, dial, power windows or central locking) followed by the braking system (11%) and the engine electronics such as the program in rate (10%).
The cost of breakdowns and maintenance represent a significant expense for consumers and here too we had no surprises, with the most expensive being Mercedes at €662 and the cheapest to maintain being Nissan at €300.

Honda came out on top overall, with a reliability score of 93/100. In addition, 79% of survey respondents said they would be willing to recommend a Honda brand model. The Honda Jazz came in first in the reliability category in the SUV category. Other Honda models also achieved high scores with the Civic, CR-V and Insight ranking among the top 10 most reliable cars in their respective categories.

engine jdm honda Τα Honda δεν χαλάνε ποτέ, λέει έρευνα

Price, fuel economy, practicality and reliability are key criteria in the decision to buy a car. The OCU survey focused on reliability by asking vehicle owners a questionnaire on the frequency and types of breakdowns they have had to deal with in the past year. From this data a reliability index was derived comparing the probability of a breakdown between different makes and models on the market.

"Reliability and quality are synonymous with the Honda brand," commented Honda Motor Europe Vice President Philip Ross. "The survey results underline the importance of Honda's quality commitments to its customers. It is important for Honda to ensure customers both the joy of owning a Honda and a worry-free driving experience knowing that their cars are the least likely to break down."

honda mechanic Τα Honda δεν χαλάνε ποτέ, λέει έρευνα

Finally solved the riddle that says : what is a blonde doing on the hood of a Honda?

She's checking his qualifications.