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Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

7 electric models from Ford by 2020

The future of motoring looks set to be electric and Ford wants to be a pioneer. So it has announced seven of its 13 new, electric models that will go on sale around the world over the next five years, including the F-150 Hybrid, Mustang Hybrid and plug-in hybrid Transit Custom by 2020 and the Expansion of its U.S. Manufacturing Plant with the addition of 700 jobs to build Electric and Autonomous Vehicles.

The hybrid version of the Mustang will deliver power similar to a V8 engine, offer even more torque at low revs and hopefully simulate the legendary V8 sound.

The company is investing $700 million and immediately adding 700 new jobs at its Flat Rock (Michigan) manufacturing plant to create a factory capable of building high-tech electric and autonomous vehicles - plus the legendary Ford Mustang, the Lincoln Continental, an all-electric SUV with an estimated range of at least 482 kilometers, and two new electric, police cars.

Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

Ford today announced details of seven of the 13 new electric vehicles it plans to roll out over the next five years around the world, including hybrid versions of the legendary F-150 pickup and Mustang for the U.S., a plug-in hybrid Transit Custom van for Europe and an all-electric SUV with an estimated range of at least 482 kilometers for customers around the world. 

The automaker also announced plans for a $700 million investment to expand its Flat Rock, Michigan manufacturing plant that will build high-tech autonomous and electric vehicles along with the Mustang and Lincoln Continental. The expansion will create 700 direct new jobs. 

ev graphic 04 Το ηλεκτρικό μέλλον της Ford περιλαμβάνει και την Mustang!

Ford cancels plans for a new $1.6 billion plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and invests $700 million in Flat Rock, Michigan, expanding it. Ford will build the next-generation Focus at its existing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico, to improve profitability 

These moves are part of an overall $4.5 billion investment in electric vehicles by 2020, offering customers greater fuel economy, performance and power across the Ford global vehicle lineup. The plans are part of Ford's program to transform itself into both an automotive manufacturer and a provider of integrated mobility solutions, and signify its intention to lead the electric and autonomous vehicle sector and offer new mobility solutions.  

Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

"As more and more customers around the world show interest in electric vehicles, Ford is committed to becoming the No. 1 provider of a broad range of electric vehicles, services and solutions that will make people's lives better," said Mark Fields, Ford president & CEO. "Our investments and expanding range reflect our belief that the global supply of electric vehicles will surpass gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 15 years." 

Ford is focusing its "electric" plan on its strengths - converting its most popular, mass-produced commercial vehicles, trucks, SUVs and high-performance vehicles to electric to make them even more efficient, productive and enjoyable to drive. 

ev graphic 01 Το ηλεκτρικό μέλλον της Ford περιλαμβάνει και την Mustang!

The seven, global electric vehicles announced today are:

A new, all-electric small SUV, to be launched by 2020, designed to offer an estimated range of at least 482 kilometres, will be built at the Flat Rock plant and sold in B. America, Europe and Asia.

A mass-produced autonomous vehicle designed for professional use in ride-hailing or ride-sharing transport companies. Beginning availability in North America, the hybrid vehicle will debut in 2021 and will be manufactured at the Flat Rock plant 

A hybrid version of the popular F-150 pickup will be available by 2020 and sold in B. America and the Middle East. The F-150 Hybrid, built at Ford's Dearborn Truck Plant, will offer high towing and payload capabilities and will operate as a mobile generator

A hybrid version of the legendary Mustang that will deliver power similar to a V8 engine, offering even more torque at low revs. The Mustang Hybrid, which will be built at the Flat Rock Plant, will debut in 2020 and will initially be available in North America 

A plug-in hybrid version of the Transit Custom will be available in 2019 in Europe, helping to reduce operating costs even on the busiest roads 

Two new, hybrid police cars ideal for pursuits. One of the two new, hybrid police cars will be built in Chicago, and both will be fitted with special equipment at Ford's dedicated police vehicle conversion center in Chicago

In addition, Ford announced that its global range of SUVs will be the first to feature EcoBoost® engines instead of naturally aspirated engines in its hybrid models, further improving performance and fuel economy.

The company also plans to dynamically develop global services and solutions around electric vehicles. These include EV fleet management, route planning and telematics solutions.

Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

Building the future

To support the new era in the automotive industry, Ford is immediately adding 700 new jobs in America and investing $700 million over the next four years to create a new Manufacturing Innovation Center at the Flat Rock Manufacturing Plant. There, workers will build the new small SUV with extended battery range as well as the fully autonomous vehicle for ride-hailing or ride-sharing transportation services - along with the legendary Mustang and Lincoln Continental.

"I am thrilled that we have been able to secure additional jobs for American workers," said Jimmy Settles, UAW vice president of the National Ford Department. "The men and women who work on the Flat Rock production line have demonstrated a strong commitment to creating quality products and we look forward to continuing that success with a new generation of high-tech vehicles."

This significant investment in Flat Rock comes on top of the $1.6 billion the company had planned to invest in a new plant in Mexico. 

Ford announced today that it is cancelling plans for the new plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. It also announced that to improve profitability and ensure the financial as well as commercial success of the next-generation Ford Focus, the upcoming model will be built at the existing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. This will free up space for two new legendary products at the Wayne, Michigan manufacturing plant where the Focus is currently built - protecting nearly 3,500 American jobs.

Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

Unique Electrification Technology

Based on two decades of experience, Ford is applying lessons learned to offer patented technology, software and services that will appeal to not only truck customers, SUV owners, high-performance enthusiasts, large commercial fleets, but all customers.

"Ford's global EV strategy is to build on its strengths," said Raj Nair, executive vice president, Product Development, and chief technical officer. "While others seem to be focused on marketing and numbers, we are focused on giving customers even more of what they love about Ford vehicles. That means more usability for trucks, more productivity for commercial vehicles and more performance for sports cars - plus improved fuel economy." 

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Ford is piloting a new wireless technology that makes recharging an electric vehicle as easy as parking. In addition, the company is testing EV prototypes this year in Europe, New York and other major American cities 

This year, Ford is starting to test the new generation of EVs. In Europe, Ford will take the Transit Custom plug-in hybrid on the road this year along with a new range of mobility services and telematics and connectivity solutions. 

In addition, in New York and several major American cities, Ford is testing a fleet of 20 Transit Connect hybrid taxi and van prototypes in some of the world's most challenging traffic conditions.

Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

These Transit Connect models build on the success of the world's first hybrid taxi - the Ford Escape Hybrid - which was also the world's first SUV and the first hybrid model built in North America. Many Escape Hybrid taxis are still on the road, traveling over 350,000 miles each to carry passengers and still using their original batteries.

Today, Ford is the No. 1 brand in plug-in hybrid sales in America and second in overall electric vehicle sales in the U.S. 

Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

New Services

With nearly two decades of near leadership in the EV and commercial vehicle space, Ford is also working on a range of services that will make life with EVs even easier.

"Innovative services can be as important to customers as electric vehicles themselves," said Hau Thai-Tang, group vice president of Purchasing and EV champion at Ford. "We are investing in solutions that help private customers as well as commercial fleet owners seamlessly integrate new vehicles and technologies into their lives."

Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

Ford has already signed a partnership agreement with several other car manufacturers in Europe to create an ultra-fast charging network that is projected to be much faster than the most powerful charging system in use today. The initial target is around 400 points in Europe. By 2020, consumers should have access to thousands of high-powered charging points.  

Ford is also piloting wireless technology on company EVs in the US and Europe to make recharging as easy as parking, so drivers never forget to recharge their vehicle. Wireless recharging extends electric autonomy for short-distance trips, even during short stops. FordPass® also helps consumers save charging time.

Ford's electric future includes the Mustang!

Customer understanding

Ford has studied extensively how past and present EV owners use their cars. The company has sold more than 520,000 electric vehicles in North America since 2005 and 560,000 worldwide.

By studying 33,000 Ford electric vehicle owners who have collectively made 58 million trips or journeys , Ford has learned that:

The 88%'s typical daily driving distance for customers is 60 miles (96 kilometers) or less. For plug-in hybrid models, the average refueling distance is 680 miles (1094 kilometers), making visits to refueling stations infrequent 

Customers want as much range as possible from their electric vehicles, but the stress of autonomy is decreasing as time goes on and they become more and more familiar with this technology  

80% of Ford electric vehicle customers charge their car once a day, and 60% of them, overnight

Ford electric vehicle customers have charged their vehicles a total of 9.4 million nights

ev graphic 03 Το ηλεκτρικό μέλλον της Ford περιλαμβάνει και την Mustang!

An overwhelming majority of Ford electric vehicle owners expect to replace their current vehicle with a new one, according to a Ford survey. 

In particular: 92% of battery electric vehicle customers say they would re-purchase a battery electric vehicle in the next market 

87% plug-in hybrid customers want another plug-in as their next vehicle

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