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1 1 FIAT 500 Shop & Charge: Το όφελος της ηλεκτροκίνησης, σε αριθμούς

FIAT 500 Shop & Charge: the benefit of electrification, in numbers


Through the innovative Shop & Charge project, FIAT, Eni and Carrefour Italia have teamed up to see in practice the environmental and user benefits of using an all-electric vehicle.

Electromobility is growing rapidly, with buyers in Europe increasingly trusting this new form of motoring. In theory, choosing an electric car - especially for urban use - offers significant benefits, with the top efficiency of the electric motor combined with zero emissions, extremely low noise levels and relatively easier access to charging points.

With the aim of developing electromobility, but also to test the benefits it offers in practice, the Stellantis e-Mobility division, Be Charge (Eni) and Carrefour Italia launched the Shop & Charge project in December 2020. The programme, deployed throughout Italy, provided for the installation of charging stations in Carrefour stores with special privileges for customers of the new all-electric FIAT 500.

To date, 112 charging stations have been installed in 25 stores under Shop & Charge. The growth rate of the programme is typical of its dynamic nature. In July 2021, 60 stations were in operation, and in less than eight months they have almost doubled with an additional 52 units. The program provides a series of privileges for users of the new electric FIAT 500, which will probably be extended in the future to the other pure electric models of the Stellantis Group.

Carrefour customers who drive the new electric 500 benefit through a special loyalty programme, whose points are used to charge the car, further reducing the cost of use. The cars charge while the customer is making their purchases from the store, thanks also to the 85kW fast charging capability of the FIAT 500.

With the programme running for just over 1 year, the early evidence is very encouraging of the benefits that an electric car can bring to urban travel. So far nearly 1,500 drivers have completed more than 5,000 recharges with a total electricity consumption of 70,000 kWh. These numbers represent a reduction in CO2 by around 60 tonnes compared to an efficient hybrid city car. With the FIAT 500 Hybrid as a benchmark, which thanks to its modern hybrid system emits just 109 g/km of CO2, and the consumption of the electric 500 (13kW/100km), there is this significant "gain" for the environment, which is of course even greater if a less efficient petrol-powered vehicle is used as a benchmark. In addition to the environmental benefit, Shop & Charge facilitates the charging process for electric vehicles and in future will also be able to contribute to the stability of the electricity grid through the V2G (vehicle-to-grid) systems with which the new electric 500 is already compatible.