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alfa romeo supercar teaser Επίσημο: Η Alfa Romeo Giulietta επιστρέφει... ίσως και ως cabrio και coupé

Official: The Alfa Romeo Giulietta returns... perhaps as a convertible and coupé

Ο CEO, Jean Philippe Imparato επιβεβαίωσε την παραπάνω απόφαση

The new Alfa Romeo Giulietta is coming in 2028, expected a year earlier than a large SUV. CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato confirmed this during an event held at the Arese Museum about what Alfisti can expect in the coming years. After the launch of the 33 Stradale (the 90% of which customers have opted for the petrol version and the 10% the electric variant) and the Milano, which will debut in April, will come the turn of the new Stelvio and Giulia, officially confirmed by the brand's new industrial design. And for the next few years - so from 2027 - Biscione's number one has announced its intention to launch a fourth sports car and an heir to the C-Class hatchback, which could be available in several body variants, from coupe to two-seater roadster.

Geopolitical factors

These products were not included in the presentation of the new models because they will arrive after 2026, a time horizon for which the Stellantis Group has already planned all investment plans. Therefore, we will have to wait (at least until the end of this year) for the final confirmation of the new plans, with the company also planning to closely monitor the various geopolitical developments. Starting with the United States elections, as a possible return to the presidency of Donald Trump could upset the status quo on electrification decisions in the US market.

Purosangue the model

The first model announced by Imparato for the "post-Julia" is a large SUV that should ideally be positioned above the Stelvio. Today I would make an electric sports car similar to the Purosangue, but we also need to see the evolution of global markets. And have a plan B, with a return to the C class. In the case of the SUV, the platform would be the Stla Large platform of its little sister Stelvio, which would guarantee high ranges (in the order of 700 km Wltp) and great design flexibility. More than Europe, however, this sport utility is designed as a conquest model for markets such as those of the United States and China, where large SUVs are all the rage.

The Giulietta returns

The second model, on the other hand, is the most interesting for our market. It is an electric successor to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which will share the same DNA with another important Italian model, the Lancia Delta. Both cars will be produced in Basilicata, at the Melfi (PZ) plant, and will be based on the Stla Medium platform, also credited with a range of around 700 km for the more efficient single-engine versions. The chassis will be able to accommodate one or two engines, with maximum installation flexibility.

Coupe and roadster if the Giulietta does well...

Flexibility that will allow the Giulietta to have sporty leanings. Apart from a possible Quadrifoglio version, in fact, there could be room for all-new body styles. Imparato added that, with reasonable trim, if the Giulietta is successful, there could also be room for more dynamic variants, such as a coupe, a convertible and a two-seat roadster. A sort of Duetto of the electric age.