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DS2BE TENSE2BFE21 1 Ντεμπούτο Για Το Νέο Μονοθέσιο Της DS AUTOMOBILES, Στο E-PRIX Της Ρώμης

Debut for the new DS AUTOMOBILES single-seater at the E-PRIX in Rome


DS2BE TENSE2BFE21 1 Ντεμπούτο Για Το Νέο Μονοθέσιο Της DS AUTOMOBILES, Στο E-PRIX Της Ρώμης

  The start of the season was rich in
feelings for the
DS Automobiles! In the second E-Prix of the World
ABB FIA Championship 2021 to be held in Rome, Italy on
10 and 11 April, another particularly important moment is coming. On this
second race of the Formula E World Championship, DS
Automobiles will launch the DS E-TENSE FE21, the car that will take the DS E-TENSE FE21
baton from the champion DS E-TENSE FE20.


  Η DS Automobiles will benefit from the top
electrification technologies and the renewal of almost all its parts, the
engine was developed by DS Performance, the racing division of DS Performance.
DS Automobiles, represents a large
technological "step forward". The new DS E-TENSE FE21 car is
equipped with a new engine, a new gearbox and a new gearbox and recovery system
energy that have evolved significantly compared to the previous car, showing
much better performance data than its predecessor. Total engineers
contributed to the development of the new engine, working closely with
DS Performance counterparts for the processing of specific
innovations in everything to do with lubricants and coolants that are
necessary for the most efficient operation.


  This new electric set, is
a real technological "showcase" for its cars  DS
Automobiles, has received type approval for 2
years and with this the team of
DS Automobiles aims for a third double title in Formula E.


Mestelan Pinon,
Director DS Performance:


"Apart from the fact that he is a
iconic race of the Formula E Championship, the race in Rome
will also mark a significant moment for DS Automobiles.
It is the race where our new car will be presented for the first time with the
improved electrical set, which will be used, according to the
regulations, until the end of the next season. It is holistic
redesigned and will bring significant gains in terms of performance. All this
must of course be validated in race conditions, but the team is confident of
the final result. The DS E-TENSE FE21 should be a
very key advantage for our drivers and the team in their effort
for a new double of titles, drivers and teams! I also want to take this opportunity to
to tell you that next weekend's race will mark the beginning of the
launch of Thomas Chevaucher as Head of DS
Performance in which he succeeds me. I want to congratulate
Thomas for its progress so far and to
sincerely thank him for what we have achieved over the years. I am
confident that he knows how to lead the team to new successes!
Taking this opportunity, I would also like to say a warm "goodbye and thank you"
to every member of my "team", with whom I have shared so many
extraordinary moments. It is with emotion that I shall part company with so much
talented people, who were basically a family. I will continue to
I am closely monitoring their achievements - although this will not be too difficult,
as I'm sure the team will often appear on the higher rungs
of the pedestals!"