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Nissan X Trail 4Dogs1 Ο σκύλος σου μίλησε : Έτσι θέλω να ταξιδεύω!

Your dog has spoken : This is how I want to travel!

Nissan X Trail 4Dogs1 Ο σκύλος σου μίλησε : Έτσι θέλω να ταξιδεύω!

She didn't need research to tell us, but her conclusions are that almost every dog owner considers their pet a member of their family. In addition, the vast majority of dog owners say they will buy a new car that has more features that are friendly to their pet.

Nissan heard that and shut it down. True. They made the SUV that every true animal lover dreams of. Because, in it, the dog has his water, his biscuit, the screen and sound system to listen to his beloved human's commands and - hold on - in addition to plenty of cushions, even... a shower and dryer. So, little or big Azor/Jack/Mercury/Pepito or whatever, will travel truly happy.

So, in order to meet the demands of this category of buyers, Nissan has introduced a unique, new prototype model codenamed X-TRAIL 4Dogs. In doing so, Nissan proves that its flagship crossover is the perfect car for family adventures, and especially those involving our four-legged friends.

The X-TRAIL 4Dogs is the ultimate dog-friendly crossover, with its luggage compartment fully transformed, providing all the comforts for travelling with up to two pets.

Nissan X Trail 4Dogs5 Ο σκύλος σου μίλησε : Έτσι θέλω να ταξιδεύω!

The crossover's luggage compartment has been transformed into a comfortable "accommodation" for dogs, with a capacity of 445 litres, but also with a number of new innovative features that have been carefully selected.

For example, the Nissan X-TRAIL4Dogs has everything needed to keep the four-legged guests clean and comfortable, even after a long ride in mud. You can wash your beloved pet with the 360° collapsible shower, then dry them with the special dog dryer that provides a powerful airflow to their wet fur. By pulling out the specially designed folding ramp, dogs can step onto the floor of the luggage compartment without getting it dirty. Finally, by activating the integrated dehumidification system, our four-legged friends enjoy a constant flow of warm air in their accommodation.

Nissan X Trail 4Dogs2 Ο σκύλος σου μίλησε : Έτσι θέλω να ταξιδεύω!

At the same time, the dogs can rest on the luxurious bed, drink water from the special bowl that prevents any leaks, but also snack on a favorite snack from the smart dispenser. For their safety during transport, care is taken through a special restraint strap with a hook.

During the journey, the driver and co-driver can keep an eye on pets using the innovative technology of the "dog-cam", a special camera for dogs. This camera has been cleverly integrated into the X-TRAIL's NissanConnect infotainment system, allowing owner and dog to see each other via the seven-inch dashboard display and the new 10-inch LCD screen installed in the luggage compartment, respectively. The owner can also communicate with his dog via an audio link to keep him calm.

Nissan X Trail 4Dogs3 Ο σκύλος σου μίλησε : Έτσι θέλω να ταξιδεύω!

Accessories for the shower and dryer are stored in a new utility drawer, which is easy to access at the front of the luggage compartment. New dividers have been added to ensure that the offending space is neat and tidy, with the ability to store food as well as 'personal' toiletries. The X-TRAIL 4Dogs also features a safety mesh over the rear seats, which is available as a genuine Nissan accessory.

Nissan X Trail 4Dogs4 Ο σκύλος σου μίλησε : Έτσι θέλω να ταξιδεύω!

Finally, the luggage compartment is lined with high quality leather that is easily cleaned from dust, dirt and pet hair.

Nissan X Trail 4Dogs6 Ο σκύλος σου μίλησε : Έτσι θέλω να ταξιδεύω!

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