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Behold the new Audi S4!!!!

H Audi has ready the new S4, although it is already planning changes on it, until the launch. The first photos of the upcoming S4 without camouflage, during testing in the Alps, show that the German model has a more aggressive look with larger front air vents, wider wings and quadruple -oh yes!- exhausts.

2017 audi s4 Ιδού το νέο Audi S4!!!

And, if aesthetically Audi doesn't go the extra mile, sources say the German automaker is trying to give it a few... horses to close the gap between the S4 and the BMW 335i, as well as to "approach" the C450 AMG Sport.

2 Ιδού το νέο Audi S4!!!

And, now let's get to the meat of the matter: the updated S4 will probably continue to use the same 3 litre TFSI V-6, but with the difference that instead of 333 horses...will be "tweaked" to reach

340 or even 350. Torque is expected to increase slightly and so will performance. The first 100 km per hour from a stop, coming in 4.1 seconds for the new S4 (estimated to be 0.1 - 0.2 seconds faster in the production version) and its top speed is electronically limited to 250 I lose.

3 Ιδού το νέο Audi S4!!!

Audi is gearing up to offer the S4 with a seven-speed gearbox dual-clutch S-Tronic, but also to have it with the "classic" manual 6 relations. There is probably the S-Tronic be given as standard.

4 Ιδού το νέο Audi S4!!!

Inside, the changes aren't big either, with the S4 investing in the technology and connectivity with 4G-LTE Internet, the new MMI navigation, a 14-speaker Bang & Olufson sound system and 12-way adjustable seats. We'll also see new colour schemes and of course... plenty of alcantara leather.

5 Ιδού το νέο Audi S4!!!

Of course, no details have been released about the price of the car that will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show and which will be launched in 2017, but it is speculated to be priced just below the C450 AMG Sport.

(The photos, as you will have seen, come from here )

6 Ιδού το νέο Audi S4!!!