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Renault Captur EXT l The renewed Renault CAPTUR came to Greece

The renewed Renault CAPTUR came to Greece

Renault Captur EXT l The renewed Renault CAPTUR came to Greece

In Greece, the most popular b-crossover of the European market is fully renewed, with a new, more dynamic design, advanced technologies, top practicality and multiple personalization solutions.

The reason for the renewed Renault CAPTUR, which, despite its overall upgrade and richer equipment, does not show any substantial change compared to the previous generation, while the price of the most popular versions remains stable. The new Renault CAPTUR is available immediately with a 5-year free factory warranty, as well as 3 years of roadside assistance.

As well as being the most popular B-Segment crossover in Europe, Renault CAPTUR has succeeded in creating a new philosophy in the segment thanks to its design profile and overall character. Dynamic lines, pure crossover characteristics and top practicality are just some of the elements that have contributed to the model's very great commercial success. Now the updated Renault CAPTUR, with improvements at all levels, aspires to further strengthen Renault's presence in the increasingly popular crossover segment. 

Even more dynamic design

The new Renault CAPTUR has an even more dynamic appearance, approaching the feel of the larger Kadjar. The redesigned grille emphasises the robust character of the model, as do the protective skirts on the front and rear bumpers, which are elements of a true crossover. In the same vein are the wheel options which, depending on the version, are available in 16- and 17-inch sizes.

At the bottom of the bumper, the new CAPTUR incorporates C-shaped LED daytime running lights, a key feature of Renault's signature light signature. Similarly, the rear lights impress with their appearance, both day and night. With distinctive modern colours and the possibility of two-tone (body - roof), the new CAPTUR offers 35 colour options, enabling buyers to tailor the exterior appearance of the car to their own preferences. Equally rich are the personalisation options for the interior of the new CAPTUR, through the choice of relevant configuration packages.

Even more practical, qualitative and advanced

More refined than ever, the interior of the new CAPTUR is characterised by quality materials, newly designed comfortable seats and numerous practical solutions, such as the spacious Easy Life passenger compartment and the removable zip-off "Zip Collection" seat covers.

The new CAPTUR is equipped with a range of advanced multimedia systems. Even standard versions are equipped with Renault R&Go®, which turns the mobile phone into a real control centre from which the driver can access a range of useful information relating to the audio system, navigation system, telephone and car systems.

Also available is the Media Nav Evolution system, an advanced multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen that includes - among other things - the Eco2 function, which provides information and guidance for optimum fuel economy. Finally, R-LINK Evolution makes the new CAPTUR the model with the most advanced multimedia system in the class, giving the driver the possibility to adapt it to his or her needs.

In the new CAPTUR, the R-LINK Evolution multimedia system is compatible with Android Auto. Android Auto allows the user quick and easy access to mobile phone applications via the R-LINK Evolution system's 7" touchscreen. The new CAPTUR is the first Renault model in the A and B classes to offer this advanced function.

Also For the first time, CAPTUR is equipped with a Blind Spot Warning system. Four sensors work together to detect the presence of moving vehicles in blind corners, alerting the driver via a light in the exterior mirrors.
The system is active at speeds from 30 to 140 km/h and is a unique feature for the class.
The new CAPTUR is available with front and rear parking sensors and a reversing camera. Also available* is the Easy Park Assist automatic parking system, which calculates the available space and, if sufficient, takes over the steering, leaving the driver to concentrate only on the accelerator and brake.

extended grip

Alongside these electronic systems, the new Renault CAPTUR is also available with Extended Grip, which further enhances the car's off-road capability. With three options (on-road, off-road and Expert), the system, combined with M+S tyres, enables the driver of the new CAPTUR to tackle rough terrain with low grip in complete safety.  

Even more powerful and environmentally friendly

Available with 6 engine/box combinations, the new CAPTUR range enables buyers to choose the ideal combination that best meets their needs.

In terms of diesel engines, two versions of the highly successful 1.5 dCi engine are available with 90 hp (available with manual and EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission) and 110 hp (with manual transmission). Equipped in each case with Stop & Start and energy recovery during deceleration, the engines offer top performance, economy and civilised operating characteristics thanks also to the new turbo design.

The range of petrol engines is similarly complete, with the 0.9-litre turbocharged 90 hp unit and the 1.2-litre turbocharged 120 hp engine. The former engine is mated exclusively to a manual transmission, while the latter is mated to a manual or the EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission. As in the case of the diesel engines, the petrol engines are equipped with Stop & Start and an energy recovery system.

The new Renault CAPTUR, upgraded at all levels, is ready to continue its leading role in the B-crossover segment. Despite improved features and richer equipment (such as navigation system, reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors), the prices of the updated CAPTUR show no significant change compared to the previous generation, while the price remains stable in the most popular versions. At the same time, the new Renault CAPTUR comes with a 5-year free factory warranty, as well as 3 years of roadside assistance.