Would you buy this Mazda RX-7?

A few hours ago, this Mazda RX-7 went on sale. As described by the seller, it's Top Fuel Racing's one-off RX-7. This particular Japanese model, which is being offered for 35,000 pounds (about 41,000 euros) has a 500 horsepower output and wears all the... goodies of the tuning world on it, as if ready to "attack" a track. 

As you can easily see, the RX-7 has been "widened" to accommodate wheels with a larger offset. It sits on Enkei's RPF1 18s, with Dunlop Direzza 275/35/18 tires. 

A lot of work has been done on the bodywork, with extensive use of carbon fibre and aluminium. Up front, a huge diffuser has been worn, which is attached to the RE Amemiya front bumper, along with air vents. 

The side skirts tie the front end to the rear bumper by RE Amemiya, which also curated the carbon fibre diffuser and the huge spoiler, creating the look that suggests the car is a war machine designed for track use.  

It should go without saying that a lot of work has been done on the suspension, the Brembo brakes and the chassis reinforcement that, together with the roll cage, complete the "frame" for a track oriented car. 

The obsession with detail continues under the carbon-fibre bonnet, where the side-ported 13B, which produces 500 hp at 16 psi, is located. Top Fuel Racing has swapped out the 13B's turbine with a Trust TD07-25G. Trust took over the aluminum exhaust system, while the intercooler is from Greddy. 


Inside, things are no different. The driver sits in a Bride racing bucket seat and grips a custom TFR steering wheel. And inside, there's extensive use of carbon fibre. 

The driver has at his disposal, among others, HKS EVC 5 boost controller, oil and water temperature and Defi oil pressure gauges, HKS Circuit Attack Counter, Apex PowerFC Commander and more. 

The passenger seat has not been replaced, but the original one has been left. The passenger has the good fortune to know that there are no passengers behind him, as the seats have been removed to "seat" the roll cage, but there is the battery, which has been moved there. 

And because we are in Greece, in the end we left two... all time classic questions to be answered. Top Fuel Racing's only Mazda RX-7 is from 1997. It has just 106,000 kilometres on the odometer. Really. 

Would you, would you pay the approximately 41,000 euros that HJA is asking for this particular, prestigious, "warrior" Mazda RX-7 TFR? If you are interested, information can be found here.