INFINITI Lounge : a new showroom at Nissan's global headquarters


INFINITI Lounge has officially opened its doors inside the Nissan Gallery,
at Nissan's global headquarters in Yokohama. This particular showroom
space, which is  dedicated to
luxury brand, includes two of the most iconic vehicles of advanced
design concept  INFINITI,
including the recently revealed  QX60 Monograph that "foreshadows" the advent
a  SUV to be revealed next
year, but  and the original Q Inspiration
sedan that presents an exciting direction for the brand
INFINITI. Other vehicles of the luxury brand will be exhibited in the future, while the
schedule with the cars that will be exhibited at times,  will be announced in a second year.


aesthetic design of the  INFINITI Lounge
is inspired by the famous international exhibitions  Car 
of the brand,  designed in
collaboration with the architects Kengo Kuma, whose seamless combination
of nature with the  Technology  has captivated audiences around the world.


  The Nissan Gallery attracts about 1,25
million visitors per year (based on pre-pandemic data
COVID-19). The site serves as a base for the dissemination of products and
Nissan's corporate information through test drives and exhibitions where we
visitor can become familiar with 
cars and  technologies
peak,  in a relaxed environment and with
a variety of events that children and adults can enjoy.