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220621 Moow Interior2 Nissan launches office van

Nissan launches an office van

And he calls it Moow, after the sound of the cows

Admit it, at some point in your life you've thought about it too: Having a van, whose usable space you have converted into a home, just based on your needs and taste. To travel, to sleep on star-washed beaches in summer, on snow-covered mountains in winter, to have total freedom. This, perhaps, is the ultimate dream of the average Greek. (This will not go as you expect)

220621 Moow Exterior H Nissan λανσάρει βανάκι- γραφείο

The Japanese, however, have a different culture. Different priorities. And he thought: Imagine, while traveling on the road, suddenly an urgent job comes up. You have your laptop with you, but you can't find a place to use it safely and calmly. What would be ideal is a place like your home or office where you can concentrate comfortably, but where such luck?

220621 Moow Photographer6 H Nissan λανσάρει βανάκι- γραφείο

The solution to this Japanese man's concern (maybe it's ours too, we just don't admit it) is provided by Nissan, in collaboration with Japanese furniture manufacturer Itoki Corporation, with a mobile and fully functional workplace that could help meet such needs. It's a Nissan NV200 business van, called the "Moow" (yes, you got it right, the sound a cow makes), with a customized interior that provides a comfortable place to work wherever you choose (if the cows and calves bother you, you start up and go, not like in the office).

220621 Moow Interior3 H Nissan λανσάρει βανάκι- γραφείο
The sofa is the best idea of the concept

Now think of a photographer. He is always on the move and shoots many subjects for different projects. In the video below, a photographer has major loose ends after work and wants to completely finish his project on location.

220621 Moow Interior4 H Nissan λανσάρει βανάκι- γραφείο
The ideal office?

Hiromitsu Yasui, is actually a professional photographer. After using Moow, he said: "The interior was very relaxing, just like my space. It helped me to do more work. And then, when I opened the sliding side door, I saw the beautiful view of the landscape. It was like working with the advantages of my office in the countryside."

Moow came about as a result of Nissan's search for new and unique ways to communicate the benefits of its vehicles, providing telecommuting options to "digital nomads" and beyond.

220621 Moow Interior10 H Nissan λανσάρει βανάκι- γραφείο
Nissan Moow uses smart solutions and, of course, smart space management

Nissan plans to start sales of the Moow in Japan later this year. Hopefully they'll launch something in an NV200-home and call it "Mau" (we've got cats to house)...