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Anniversary for the iconic Grand Tourer: 20 years of the Bentley Continental GT

Bentley celebrates the twentieth birthday of the Continental GT. The anniversary takes on a special dimension at the Shanghai Motor Show with the unveiling of a unique anniversary Continental GT S, with special features. The birthday celebrations continue into the summer, with Heritage Collection driving opportunities and a global sequence of anniversary events. The 20 years of abundant power delivered by the W12 will be celebrated at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The festivities will culminate with a one-off GT Speed at Monterey Car Week.


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Continental GT, Bentley Motors is organising a four-month programme of one-off models, test-drives and events starting at the Shanghai Motor Show with the debut of a one-off Continental GT S. This one-off car features many special Mulliner features, including commemorative badges, inserts and design motifs to mark 20 years of the model that defined the modern era of Bentley Motors.

The exterior of the special GT S for Shanghai is the striking dark grey metallic paint with the Magnetic code, complemented by black chrome and black 10-inch sporty 22-inch black wheels, but with a touch of colour contrast provided by the red brake calipers. The black and red theme is carried over to the interior, with a two-tone finish in Beluga and Hotspur leather with Piano Black.

A bespoke interior features the unique Mulliner colour palette, dual-finish waist-level facings and detailing, and detailing on the centre console and door entries.

The veneer in the upper area is in Granite Stone, giving a unique finish to the touch, while lower down is in Grand Black and features a laser-engraved overlay to celebrate the Continental GT's 20th anniversary. A red stripe separates the two finishes, running horizontally along the length from door to door, crossing the upper fins of the spherical air vents.

The door entrances feature two personalised inscriptions, one of the 1st generation Continental GT and the other of the 3rd generation, representing 20 years of the modern GT. The same design can be found on the centre console, while the LED welcome light on the door also features a unique design celebrating the anniversary of the iconic grand tourer.



Celebrating 20 years of the ultimate grand tourer

20 Years of Continental GT photo1 Επέτειος για το εμβληματικό Grand Tourer: 20 χρόνια Bentley Continental GT

The Continental GT was launched in 2003 as the first all-new Bentley of the modern era with all-wheel drive and the innovative W12 engine, and helped propel Bentley to its current status as the world's most sought-after luxury car brand.

At its launch in 2003, the Continental GT offered a unique combination of stunning design, supercar performance and unrivalled craftsmanship. It was hailed as the world's fastest genuine four-seater coupe with a top speed of over 190 mph (300 km/h) and a 0-60 mph time of 4.7 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds). With no comparable rivals in price, the Continental GT quickly became a global presence, defining a new market segment.

Now in its third generation, the Continental GT and its sister car, the Continental GTC, continue to win awards and accolades. In 2022, the Continental GT Speed won the prestigious Robb Report Car of the Year award. Remarkably, the Continental GT V8 S succeeded it as Car of the Year winner for 2023. The Continental GT also scored back-to-back wins at the Auto Motor und Sport awards in February 2023, winning the imported luxury model category for the second year in a row in a poll of more than 101,000 readers.



Continental Drive Hubs

20 Years of Continental GT photo2 Επέτειος για το εμβληματικό Grand Tourer: 20 χρόνια Bentley Continental GT

The 20th anniversary of the Continental GT will be celebrated at two different centres, one at Bentley's headquarters in Crewe and the other in Geneva, Switzerland. First and second generation Continental GT models from the Bentley Heritage Collection will be available to drive alongside the latest Continental GT family, bringing 20 years of continuous design and engineering evolution to life.



Around the world through a 20-point tour

20 Years of Continental GT photo3 Επέτειος για το εμβληματικό Grand Tourer: 20 χρόνια Bentley Continental GT

A Bentley 'relay', designed and created by the company itself, will begin its global journey in May, taking a variety of Continental GT models across Europe, the Middle East, China, Asia-Pacific and the USA before returning to Crewe. At the end of the journey back to the brand's headquarters, the event 'baton', which will contain souvenirs from the 20 locations on the tour, will serve as a time capsule as a lasting reminder of a unique journey.



Double anniversary

20 Years of Continental GT photo4 Επέτειος για το εμβληματικό Grand Tourer: 20 χρόνια Bentley Continental GT

The Continental GT's birthday also marks 20 years since the introduction of Bentley's powerful 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine, which has literally and figuratively powered the company to success for two decades. With the end of engine production now scheduled for April 2024, only 12 months of W12 assembly remain before this iconic powertrain paves the way for Bentley's electric future.

This milestone will be celebrated at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (13-16 July), where Bentley will be celebrating the W12 with a fleet of W12-powered models from the last 20 years, up to and including the new Mulliner Bentley Batur, which will be free to drive.



Tribute to the Archetype at Monterey Car Week

20 Years of Continental GT photo6 Επέτειος για το εμβληματικό Grand Tourer: 20 χρόνια Bentley Continental GT

The first Continental GT to come off the production line at Crewe in 2003, VIN 20001, was painted Cypress Green with a Saddle leather interior and Burr Walnut finish. From that day to the present day, it has remained in the company's possession as an important landmark in the Heritage Collection garage.

At this year's Monterey Car Week (11-18 August) Bentley will unveil one last unique Continental GT - inspired by VIN 20001 - to complete the anniversary celebrations.