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Dacia2BLodgy2BStepway2B1 LOW Dacia LODGY : Ευρυχωρία & χρηστικότητα μεγάλου, με τιμή μικρού

Dacia LODGY : Spaciousness & usability of a large car, for the price of a small one


Dacia2BLodgy2BStepway2B1 LOW Dacia LODGY : Ευρυχωρία & χρηστικότητα μεγάλου, με τιμή μικρού

The Dacia LODGY is another excellent example
of the philosophy of
Dacia at
car manufacturing. Cars that offer much more, compared to
with their affordable price. It is a modern, multifunctional, 7-seater
model, with
compact external
dimensions, rich interiors, which ensure comfortable movement
for up to 7 passengers, but also capable of carrying up to 1,861 litres
luggage, as needed. With unique design, full equipment and durable
quality construction, embraces all the values of
Dacia, offering, finally, all
the comforts of a higher class model (
C segment), but at a price that
corresponds to a model of smaller (
B segment).


Solid lines that highlight the
its utilitarian character


Dacia2BLodgy2BStepway2B2 LOW Dacia LODGY : Ευρυχωρία & χρηστικότητα μεγάλου, με τιμή μικρού

 The muscular bumpers and the
intense grille of his mask Dacia LODGY, highlight the corporate logo, both on the front and the back of the car.
Place. At the same time, the exuberant luminaires give a sense of
usability, which distinguishes the model as a whole. In the profile, they stand out
the large glass surfaces, but also the embossed lines on the bodywork.
At the back, the large 5η door ensures comfortable access to the
luggage compartment, and is flanked by large, modern lighting fixtures.

The design personality
Dacia LODGY highlighted
even more in the version
Stepway, with evidence that gives a crossover air in the multifunctional model.
Among them, the roof bars, the protective eyebrows of the domes, but also the
side skirts, the chrome inserts on the grille and around the
fog lamps, but also the protective skirts at the front and rear
of the car, giving it extra 'confidence' when driving in mild traffic
off-road terrain, or in the sharp urban 'traps'.


Carefully designed and attractive


Dacia2BLodgy2BStepway2B3 LOW Dacia LODGY : Ευρυχωρία & χρηστικότητα μεγάλου, με τιμή μικρού

 The inside of the LODGY Exploits
all the elements that buyers prefer and expect from a model Dacia. The dashboards are ergonomic and made of
durable materials, easy to clean. The instrument panel is complete and
easy to read, while the air conditioning vents prove to be extremely
easy to use and adjustable in every direction. The centre of the dashboard is dominated by the
sharp 7'' touch screen of the multimedia system
Media Nav Evo*. The driving position has
excellent peripheral visibility, while the journey through the
LODGY becomes a special experience for all passengers, as all of the
seats are elevated. The leather trim on the steering wheel and gear selector
gears*, upgrade the experience of living with the
LODGY, while, depending on the version, the decoration includes lacquered
surfaces, two-tone wallpapers and chrome elements.

True to the spirit of
usability that distinguishes the model, the air conditioning system is designed
to have an immediate response, providing the same temperature level for both
for both front and rear passengers, including those in the 3ης
row of seats. At the same time, in the upper part of the dashboard there is a spacious
storage space for small items, with cover*.

*Depending on the version


Extremely spacious for up to 7


Dacia2BLodgy2BStepway2B4 LOW Dacia LODGY : Ευρυχωρία & χρηστικότητα μεγάλου, με τιμή μικρού

 The Dacia LODGY available exclusively as a 7-seater, with 2/3/2 seating arrangement. Inside
the middle row can comfortably accommodate 3 passengers, while the 3η
row of seats can accommodate two more, providing them with comfortable mobility
(knee space 144 mm). However, the big advantage of the
the great possibility of configuration, according to needs. Thus, in the 7-seater
The luggage compartment is 207 litres. With the removal of the two
rear seats, which can also be done in sections, the luggage compartment
to 634 litres, while, with the full folding of the 2ης
row of seats, the total capacity of the
LODGY reaches 1861 liters! Still
12 storage spaces are available for passengers inside the cabin,
of a total capacity of up to 30 litres.


Range of modern petrol engines
and diesel

 The Dacia LODGY is available with a full range of modern, efficient and economical
petrol engines and
diesel. In petrol, the basic engine is the
turbo, direct
spray 1.3
TCe by
100 horsepower and 200
Nm torque,
available from just 1,500 rpm.
O Top 1.3 TCe Attributed to
130 horsepower and 240
Nm torque,
giving top performance in the
LODGY Stepway, with a top speed of 193 km/h and just 9.3
d. for 0-100. On
diesel, ο 1.5 Blue dCi makes use of technology AdBlue, for unrivalled fuel economy and low fuel consumption.
environmental burden. Available in two horsepower versions, with 95 and
115 hp (220 and 260 hp)
Nm torque respectively), giving excellent performance and average fuel consumption from
4.1 litres per 100 km, while pollutants
CO2 do not exceed 115 g/km (cycle NEDC). All engines
are combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox and a system
Stop & Start.


Comfortable and stable on the road

 Built on a solid foundation
platform with proven reliability, the
Dacia LODGY is comfortable and user-friendly at the same time. The suspension, with Mac knees, is a very comfortable and comfortable way to use the machine.
Ferson front and semi-rigid rear axle, ensures progressive operation in
any kind of route, correct grip in corners, while, in combination with the
frame, offers driving confidence to every driver, since both the
bodywork inclinations are limited. Let's not forget that the
LODGY, like any Dacia, benefits from the expertise
Renault, in terms of safety and
the comfort of its road behaviour.

The Dacia LODGY is available in the following engine and equipment versions, while
is backed by a 5-year factory warranty and 3 years of free road




1.3 TCe 100hp STYLE
7S                      15.980€

1.3 TCe 130hp STEPWAY
7S                17.680



1.5 Blue dCi 95hp LIFE
7S                    16.680

1.5 Blue dCi 95hp
STYLE 7S                17.880

1.5 Blue dCi 115hp
STYLE 7S              18.180

1.5 Blue dCi 115hp
STEPWAY 7S         18.880