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10 cars you'd like to resurrect

10 cars you'd like to resurrect

If you want to get a sporty, fast, fun carthere are dozens of options out there. The car manufacturers are doing their best to give us the best. Attractive, quickly, safe, but also Finance cars that don't kill our planet. However, some we can't to hold on. We reminisce other times, other cars we would like to see to be recirculated on the streets, to be sold as contemporary. And, yes, we would buy them. 

Today, the Select 10 from the cars that have been left in the past and presents it to you. Which one would you prefer? One of these, or another that we missed? Tell us in the comments!

But, let's take a look at the 10 we picked: 

10.Nissan 200SX

10 cars you'd like to resurrect

Nissan's Silvia came full circle in this world in 2002 with the sixth generation, the S15. Now, although both the S15 and the S14 are admittedly beautiful, in Greece, its own history has been written by the 200SX produced from 1989 to 1998 and sold well, for obvious reasons. A nice design for a coupe, with the (awesome, but now banned) pop up lanterns popping out of the hood. And, underneath that, the CA18DET, a 1,800 Nissan turbo, which produced 170 hp at 6,400 rpm and 225 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm to transmit the drive to the rear wheels. 

On the road, it didn't exactly set the fire (6,9 seconds for 0-100 and 230 final), but it was, is and will be a highly improvable car, as on it "snaps" the famous SR20DET Nissan (it was also produced with it), but also even bigger ones. 

9. Mazda RX-7

rx7 6 10 cars you'd like to resurrect

A real Japanese supercar. An legend. Two rotors, twin turbo, 270 horsepower, back movement, weighing 50-50, amazing grip, sound from another planet. And an appearance, divine. Inside and out. Where to get it from? RX-7s are amazing cars, no matter how you look at it. Particularly from the rear, when spews flames to change, or when he turns to... God. Joys that you'll find in very few non-racing cars.

Mazda came close to revival of the wankel and, possibly, the RX-7, since it also registered its name (along with the RX-9) and Hiroshima continue to work on the SkyActiv-R (that's the name of the new wankel), but, for the moment, there are no newer ones. The need for lower fuel consumption and less pollution, you see.

8. Opel Manta

manta 10 cars you would like to resurrect

You know what Opel doesn't have? A rear-wheel drive coupe. The Manta is one of the old, good, original Opel that until today are used in hillclimbs and drifting. And, given the need for a rear-wheel drive coupe with a "heavy" name, a revival of the Manta, with this long nose and the inflatable rump would be just the thing. 

7. Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

sierra 10 cars you'd like to resurrect

The most famous wing of the automobile (sorry, 911). Yes, the Focus RS is perfect. It's everything a true petrolhead could ask for. But, the Sierra, it was something else. Perhaps because it symbolizes another era. Maybe because the angry, huge silhouette perhaps because the possessed sound from its evaporation, the his turbine blowing, have haunt our memories, a new Sierra Cosworth would make our hearts flutter. Until then, we'll make do with the Focus RS, playing with the drift mode of... 

6. Porsche 928

928 10 cars you'd like to resurrect

Okay, we know that Porsche is never going to abolish 911. And it's a good thing he will. After all, the 928, with the brand's unprecedented "engine front-drive rear", that's what he intended, but he didn't succeed. Because Porsche fans continued to buy the 911. And just like that, Porsche killed the 928, the first Porsche to wear V8 mass production. But which, even today, continues to look like space and innovative in design, with modern ergonomics, comfort, fit and Power which, sure, it does not resemble that this is a car that comes to us from the 1970s. Hey, isn't it about time Porsche took another chance with something completely different, other than the Cayenne and Panamera?

5. Honda Integra Type R

integra 10 cars you'd like to resurrect

It may not have been produced in large numbers and there may be today the "space" Civic Type R, but the Integra is the definition of iconic car of the 90's and especially in the Japanese. This high-performance coupe may not be so much "of the fashion"today, but judging by the socket of which the rebirth of the Toyota GT86, it's probably safe to say that a new generation of Integra would lead many people in Honda showrooms.

4. Fiat Uno Turbo

uno 10 cars you would like to resurrect

Give gas to the people! Obviously the Uno Turbo, today, in front of an Abarth 595 Competizione, is a joke to enter into a comparison. But why can one miss the Uno Turbo which today is a "box"; For what he preached and what he stands for. When it was introduced, the Uno Turbo was truly innovative. The price was small. The performance but they were the equivalent of a very much more expensive car of the time. Think about it: it's like getting a small Fiat Turbo today for the price of most hot hatches and it's faster than the four-wheel drive flagships of many companies. 

uno2Bkantran 10 cars you would like to resurrect

On top of that, the Uno Turbo had some goodies we'd like to see again. Innovations ie. Now think about it. distant 80sthat a small sports car had digital dial, for example...

3. Honda S2000

s2000 10 cars you'd like to resurrect

The King of the open. An diamond engine, with... a collection of awards, a poem frame, a rousing performance, a sound that can raise the dead. And of course, the movement in the right axis. Unfortunately, Honda decided that they had to kill it. Or maybe not; The latest reports indicate that the Japanese company is preparing the "resurrection" of the beloved roadster and how it will be better than ever...

2. Dodge Viper

viper 10 cars you would like to resurrect

Yeah, it may have been far from the wallet of most petrolheads and, the truth is, most who had them, they weren't buying the Viper., preferring another supercar. And just like that, the beastly Dodge with the 8 and put liters, the huge tyres, the awe-inspiring looks, it goes down in history because of... downsizing. But it will always be here to remind us what big is better, what big means. American power and that the high cubic inches are simply not replaceable...

1. Lancia Delta Integrale

fdelta 10 cars that you would like to resurrect

Legend has it that FCA is considering a rebirth of the Lancia Delta Integrale. The legend only. Because, in fact, the idea fell on the table and Rejected. FCA, has bet big on the Giulia, Stelvio and its upcoming SUVs and Lancia, is Condemned to remain in creative inactivity. 

delta 10 cars that you would like to resurrect

After all, even if things were different, the FCA people would have had a very difficult job to do. Why, how do you replace a car that has been turned into a legend, has written Story in the world of rallying and is considered, to this day, the ultimate driver's car; How to copy and develop these divine rutabagas, these terrible bloatingthis tramp and at the same time "salon-like" appearance? These designs, they don't come back out...