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The Abarth 500e "roar" is ready

After more than 6,000 hours of development, the "roar", created by Stellantis Sound Design Studio especially for the new Abarth 500e, is ready.


Abarth takes a big step forward in its history with the launch of the new all-electric Abarth 500e, which is equipped with a sophisticated sound system that is unique in its class. The sound system, which mimics the sound of a sports petrol engine with absolute fidelity, was developed in collaboration with Stellantis Sound Design Studio at Stellantis' NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) division's facility in Italy. This is the same department where the sound produced by the modern version of the Abarth Record Monza exhaust system that powers the Abarth 595/695 series with the 1.4T-Jet engine was developed.

The development programme took nearly 2 years in total, and more than 6,000 hours were spent analysing and creating the ideal sound for each phase of the driving experience. NVH experts focused on both the creative side of the project and technological innovation. Part of the tests were carried out in the semi-anechoic chamber with which the department is equipped, a special facility with extremely low noise levels and total sound insulation. Thanks to its characteristics, the chamber can simulate the acoustics of a road and minimise interference so that the experts can precisely adjust the sound produced by the car's system.

In order to reproduce the sound of the T-Jet engine as faithfully as possible, the engineers recorded the sound of the engine in various phases of its operation, such as acceleration and deceleration, and even when it starts or stops. The recordings were then thoroughly analysed to identify the key acoustic frequencies of the Abarth that are linked to the brand's DNA. The results were tested in the studio, but also in the natural environment to achieve the ideal mix. The aim was to achieve realistic sound and acoustic enjoyment for the driver and passengers, while at the same time exceeding all standards imposed by legislation on noise levels.

One point that deserves special mention is the attention to detail that the technicians went to, so that the volume of the system is proportional to the speed and there is a relative differentiation between the sound heard inside the car and the sound emitted to the environment. Even at idling speed there is the characteristic Abarth Record Monza exhaust noise, and the driver can even "march".

In keeping with the company's tradition, the new Abarth 500e offers distinctive style and top driving pleasure. The sound production system makes a significant contribution to this, with the driver being able to choose at will when he or she wants to drive in the company of the Abarth's "roar" and when in complete silence ensured by the electric drive system.

The new Abarth 500e will be available in Greece in 3ο quarter of the year, with orders starting in the coming weeks.